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Sonia's mystery reveals here... Capture India under mafia and papacy hold.

Sonia’s plan to evangelize India – Part -I

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Why Mr. Manmohan Singh is our Prime Minister?

Here we need to find how and why Sonia Gandhi selected him as the Prime Minister. No doubt, we have the right to know who is ruling our country and their whereabouts. First let us know briefly who this Sonia is.

Sonia Gandhi (born Edvige Antonia Albina Maino on 9 December 1946) is an Italian born. She was born to Stefano and Paola Maino in contrada Màini ("Maini street") in Lusiana, a little village 30 km from Vicenza in the region of Veneto, Italy.

She spent her adolescence in Orbassano, a town near Turin, being raised in a traditional Roman Catholic family and attending a Catholic school. Her father, a building contractor, died in 1983. Her mother and two sisters still live around Orbassano.

In 1964, she went to study English at the Bell Educational Trust's language school in the city of Cambridge. She met Rajiv Gandhi, who was enrolled in Trinity College at the University of Cambridge in 1965 at a Greek restaurant while working there, as a waitress to make ends meet. Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi married in 1968.

Mrs. Antonia Maino was given the name 'Sonia' by her late mother-in-law, Indira Gandhi. But there is no notification in the gazette regarding this change in name. This change of name runs in Nehru family is to fool the Indian public for their votes. Indira Gandhi was
Indira Priyadasini. Indira married as per Islamic rites Feroz Khan after converting herself to Islam. Indira’s muslim name was Maimuna Begum and later both had changed their name to fool the public of India on the advice of Ghandi by an affidavit in a court to Indira Gandhi and Feroz Gandhi.

At the end of Rajiv Gandhi's five years in office, the Bofors Scandal broke out. Ottavio Quattrocchi an Italian business man believed to be involved was said to be a friend of Sonia Gandhi, having access to the Prime Minister's official residence.

How Sonia became “Indian” 

In 1980 her name appeared in the voter's list for New Delhi prior to her becoming an Indian Citizen. At the time she was still holding Italian Citizenship. A violation of Form 4 of the Registration of Electors Rules, 1960, which states that "Only the names of those who are citizens of India should be entered on the electoral rolls." When she did acquire Indian Citizenship, in April 1983, the same issue cropped up again, as her name appeared on the 1983 voter's list when the deadline for registering had been in January 1983.

Sonia’s connection with Swiss accounts 

Swiss magazine Schweitzer Illustrierte in 1991 claimed that she was controlling accounts worth $2 billion dollars(Rs 9400 Crores)  in her minor son's name.

Harvard scholar Yevgenia Albats cited KGB correspondence about payments to Rajiv Gandhi and his family, which had been arranged by Viktor Chebrikov,[35] which shows that KGB chief Viktor Chebrikov sought in writing an "authorization to make payments in U.S. dollars to the family members of Rajiv Gandhi, namely Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Paola Maino, mother of Sonia Gandhi" from the CPSU in December 1985.

Payments were authorized by a resolution, CPSU/CC/No 11228/3 dated 20 December 1985; and endorsed by the USSR Council of Ministers in Directive No 2633/Rs dated 20 December 1985. These payments had been coming since 1971, as payments received by Sonia Gandhi's family and "have been audited in CPSU/CC resolution No 11187/22 OP dated 10/12/1984.

In 1992 the media confronted the Russian government with the Albats disclosure. The Russian government confirmed the veracity of the disclosure and defended it as necessary for "Soviet ideological interest."

In 2008 her party appointed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Singh was the only international leader to initially refuse data provided by the German authorities during 2008 Liechtenstein tax affair.

The above statement is self explanatory that why Mr.Manmohan Singh is her prime Minister, the puppet in her hands.

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What is the role of Mafia Sonia Maino and her sycophant commission agent Monmohan Singh here ?

CBI Raids Radia, Kanimozhi, Raja Family and Friends


In a crackdown as part of the 2G spectrum scam probe, CBI today searched 34 offices and residences of corporate lobbyist Nira Radia, former TRAI Chairman Pradip Baijal, siblings of ex-Telecom Minister A Raja and an NGO linked to DMK MP Kanimozhi.

A CBI official claimed that some "incriminating documents" were recovered during the raids at 27 places in Tamil Nadu and seven places in Delhi and Noida. The premises of alleged Hawala dealers Mahesh Jain and Alok Jain alias Bobby, who are brothers, were also raided.

The premises of Kamaraj, Associate Editor of Tamil magazine Nakkeran in Chennai, Raja's brother and sister near Tiruchirappalli and Tamil Maiyam, an NGO in which Kanimozhi, daughter of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, is on the Board of Directors were among those searched. Kamaraj is considered close to Raja.

Tamil Maiyam, which describes itself as a registered Indian non-profit organization, is headed by Rev.Jegath Gasper Raj.

The investigating agency also swooped down on the premises of Raja's auditor Subramanyam and also auditor of Kanimozhi's mother Rajathi.

At Tiruchirappalli, CBI officials raided the residence of a private TV channel reporter G L Narasimhan, considered a close associate of Raja.

The raids come a week after the searches in the homes of Raja in Delhi and in his native place Perambalur and a number of others.

During the course of the day, the CBI also roped in Enforcement Directorate officials to probe whether there was a possible violation of Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), sources in the investigating agency said.

Radia, Baijal, Jain brothers and the kin of Raja were questioned during the raids, the sources said, adding that the former TRAI Chairman had also been taken from his Noida house to his company, a subsidary of Radia's Vaishnavi Corporate Communications.

Giving details about the raids being conducted by the CBI, its Deputy Inspector General and spokesperson Bineeta Thakur said searches at the residential and official premises of several companies, their directors and Baijal were conducted as part of the follow up of searches conducted on December eight in connection with the ongoing investigation into the allocation of unified access service licences.

"Searches conducted so far at around 34 places in Tamil Nadu, Delhi and NOIDA (UP) have led to the recovery of incriminating documents," she told reporters in New Delhi.

Radia's office--Vaishnavi Corporate Communications in Central Delhi--and her farm house in South Delhi were among the first of the premises to be raided, sources said, adding some of the persons who had been closely associated with the handling of accounts and funds of Raja were also been searched by the agency.

The residence of Baijal, who retired in 2006 after serving as TRAI chairman for nearly three years, was being also searched in connection with the scam in which CBI has registered a case of loss of Rs 22,000 crore to the exchequer.

“Azhagiri is a Cut Throat Politician”— TN Minister Poongothai to Niira Radia

Dec 14th, 2010
The wide net cast by Niira Radia across the political, bureaucratic, corporate and media circles, was not just limited to people in Delhi or just the Karunanidhi family in Tamil Nadu. It is now clear that she had made friends even among the Cabinet ministers in the Karunanidhi government in Tamil Nadu, and the latest set of tapes released by Outlook magazine, unravels her connection with Poongothai Aladi Aruna, the IT Minister.
Poongothai Aladi Aruna has a controversial past.
The daughter of late DMK leader Aladi Aruna, a gynaecologist by profession, with a degree from London, was forced to resign in May 2008, as Minister for Social Welfare. She was caught on audio tape (!!) talking to the Director of Anti-Corruption and Vigilance, S.K.Upadhyay, asking him to be soft on a relative of hers, an Electrical Engineer in the Tamil Nadu Electricity department, who was caught taking bribes. When the tapes were exposed by Dr.Subramaniam Swamy, she was forced to quit after Karunanidhi publicly denounced her on the floor of the Tamil Nadu Assembly.
Miraculously, in just nine months, February 2009, she was re-instated by Karunanidhi himself, this time as Minister for Information Technology, the charge she continues to hold. Poongothai in this conversation tells Radia, when the latter suggests that Kanimozhi has to get close to Azhagiri( Kanimozhi’s brother), that she under-estimates Azhagiri(Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilisers). “They are cut throat politicians, you know” she says. Radia however is relentless in trying to get the siblings together to fight common enemies.
What Karunanidhi and his son, Azhagiri, or for that matter his other son, Stalin, whose appointment as Deputy Chief Minister seems to shock Poongothai(“what’s happeeennning?”, she exclaims), will have to say these revelations would be interesting. This one more facet of the family politics of Tamil Nadu, in which Radia is very much a major player.

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Land deal links Karuna's daughter to 2G web

CNN-IBN Updated Dec 15, 2010 at 11:20pm IST


New Delhi: New drama unfolding in the larger web surrounding the 2G spectrum scam is now leading to the DMK chief Karunanidhi's daughter Kanimozhi Karunanidhi. A Kanimozhi aide was the key player in a multi crore land deal in Chennai where TATA group company Voltas had a connection. The deal is being investigated by the CBI as part of the 2G probe.

CNN IBN accessed documents that exposed the links of a close aide to Kanimozhi in a multi crore land deal involving a landmark plot in chennai where TATA group company Voltas has it's building and office. This is a deal which took place between 2008 and 2009 and something CBI sources say they are investigating as part of the 2G probe.

Close to 53,000 square feet on Chennai's arterial Anna Salai, this land is estimated to be worth over 200 crores. Owned jointly till 2009 by 17 people it was leased out to Voltas in 1975, after which the company invested in this landmark building.

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This Racket spreads North to South, East to West. These dangerous deal between Niira and Barkha, Raja and Sonia, Karunanidhi and Monmohan, Barkha to Kanimozhi via Niira, interlinking TATA and superbly controlled by the Mafia Queen Antiona Maino will certainly destroy the Indian entity, sovereignty, economy and everthing....... Still we tolerate them, the vampires live in the blood of Indian people. SHAME ON US.

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Roman Catholic Sonia and Christian leaders are taking total control in Indian Politics

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Courtesy : Express News service. 

by ~ Dr. Babu Suseelan. 

Antonio Sonia Maino, the Italian born, uneducated, Catholic lady has became the single most sinister force in Indian political life leading a group of Christians like Oscar Fernandez, Margaret Alwaye, Ambika Soni, A.K.Antony, P.J. Kuriyan,. K.K. Thomas, Victor George, And Omman Chandy to form a party within the Congress Party.

The shadow party is undermining India's national security, destabilizing our nation and implementing missionary agenda in India. India is under attack from within and without. Pakistani Jihadis and Chinese militants are knocking at our door. They are terrorizing India at will. Islamization of Kashmir and Christianization of the North East is now complete. Missionary and Jihadi supported Maoists and naxalites are terrorizing Hindus in Kashmir, Nepal, Assam, Mizoram, Tripura. Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal. Sonia's secret role in implementing missionary agenda is clear.

It is up to the majority Hindus to stop her secret agenda. The apocalyptic Naxalites and Maoists with the active support of their foreign masters and Sonia's guidance is destabilizing India at will. These apocalyptic terrorist groups threaten our democracy, culture, and national sovereignty by subverting our political, social, religious and educational institutions.

Every concerned Indians must wake up from the slumber and understand the existential threats and control the puppet masters of Sonia. The silent majority must know that phony secular-atheist leaders are looting billions of rupees from the treasury every minute. Corruption, bureau pathology, ineptitude are rampant. Indians must act now to make the public aware of Sonia's hidden agenda for dismantling India.

Hindus must act now, if not now, when.