Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why Sonia Gandhi is afraid to go to any court of law aganist K S Sudarshan ?

12/11/2010 15:47:11

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party

The Congress Party deserves to be condemned for taking to the street and engaging in violent protests against the RSS for the disclosure made regarding Sonia Gandhi’s past by former Sarsangchalak KS Sudarshan. Any party which is committed to democracy, which the Congress Party have proved in the Emergey, it is not, should resort to media rebuttal or court action to counter the disclosure made by Shri Sudarshan. But obviously Sonia Gandhi cannot address a press conference or go to court on this matter.

In 2008, the Congress Party had filed a defamation suit in the New York State Supreme Court seeking equivalent of Rupees five hundred crores as damages from three NRIs based in US, namely, Mr. N. Kataria, Mr. Arish Sahni and Mr. D. Satya for bringing out a fullpage advertisement in the New York Times precisely making the same disclosure which Mr. Sudarshan has made yesterday.

The New York State Supreme Court however dismissed their defamation suit and the Congress Party chose not to appeal to the Federal Supreme Court in Washington. Obviously going to court would lead to further disclosures that Sonia Gandhi would be required to make on the witness box during her cross examination.

Hence she has chosen the path of all dictators to engage in violent acts to intimidate her critics. Unfortunately such violent acts against Shri Sudarshan will only boomerang against Sonia Gandhi.

- Subramanian Swamy

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